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Unleash your
employer brand power

Welcome to ON POINT.


We are a boutique strategic consultancy that blends creative marketing,

effective storytelling and inspiring design into refined employer brand, talent brand and internal communication transformations.


From ideation to execution, our passion, innovation and original thinking power the creation of engaging experiences that can't be ignored.


Netta Magen
Founder, ON POINT

Netta Magen


I believe that people do business with people they trust.

Before working together, let me tell you a bit about myself.

I'm a marketer and content creator at heart - 15 years and counting...

Before founding ON POINT, I spent a decade working for successful global hi-tech companies, leading various marketing, communications, and employer brand roles, hands-on.

This means I have gained experience and mastery in many aspects of employer branding, in practice, not in theory.

Tailored solutions for your unique needs

We take pride in offering a comprehensive and holistic approach to building your employer & talent brand, covering every aspect from A to Z. 

Strategic Consultancy

  • Conducting research

  • Cristalizing EVP

  • Creating strategic concepts, EVP Based

  • Crafting messaging strategy

  • Creating visual Identity

  • Building workplan

  • Consulting/mentoring in execution

Hands on Execution 

Our expertise lies in adeptly overseeing projects tailored to our clients' distinctive requirements, encompassing strategic initiatives as well as providing personalized support for specific endeavors.

Workshops & Training

Through our array of training programs, workshops, and lectures, we deliver comprehensive guidance in the realms of storytelling, employer branding, and personal branding.
Your team will be equipped with the essential skills and knowledge needed to communicate effectively both within and beyond the organization.

Don't take our word, take theirs...

"Working with On Point, led by Netta opened up a gateway for us into the world of employer branding.
This included building infrastructure from scratch, crafting a strategy and a new way of thinking about an unfamiliar topic, as well as providing the tools to continue independently within a clear framework.

Together, through collaboration, we succeeded in understanding and specifying what is right for us and what emphasis we want to place as a company.

The work was highly customized to our needs and capabilities, and it was done with great professionalism and flexibility."

Efrat Cohen Shalem, VP HR


Efrat Cohen Shalem
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