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Employer Brand Strategy
Step by Step

Employer branding and talent branding are not haphazard undertakings; it is a strategic process that demands careful consideration and a systematic approach. We will create and manage each step of your journey, ensuring that every decision and action aligns with your goals.

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Assessment of the current situation: Map & Research

In this crucial phase, we dive into your current talent and employer brand, mapping out your strengths and uncovering your competitive edge. By assessing the current landscape, we help you position yourself confidently in the face of challenges and competition.

What to expect?


  • Kick-off: Assembling a dynamic work team that will drive your talent brand and employer brand strategy forward. Together, we'll formulate clear goals and target audiences that align with your organization's vision. We'll map out key stakeholders, identifying those who have a significant impact on your brand's perception and success. we'll ensure a holistic approach that leverages expertise from various domains.


  • Map & Research: We dive deep into understanding your current employer branding efforts. This involves conducting thorough research, examining your existing media channels, and conducting competitor research. To gather valuable insights, we engage in round table discussions and conduct one-on-one conversations with employees. We also make it a point to visit your offices and meet with key stakeholders from HR and marketing teams.


  • Insights Discussion: We compile and present the findings from our evaluation and analysis. We provide a comprehensive overview of the current state of your employer brand, highlighting what is currently present and identifying areas for improvement. Through collaborative discussions, we explore your desired employer brand and align it with your organization's goals.


Development of an EVP, messaging strategy & visual Identity

After understanding the current state of your employer brand and gathering valuable insights, we now move forward to developing the EVP, creating a messaging strategy, and building a compelling visual Identity.

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Execution time! Turning strategy into action

We now bring the employer brand strategy to life through actionable steps and initiatives. We build a work plan, oversee (or manage hands-on, depending on you) the implementation, and provide ongoing consultation within the budget -- all to ensure an impactful employer brand experience.

What to expect?


  • A structured work plan: The core of our execution strategy. We prioritize key activities, set measurable KPIs to track progress, establish a clear timeline to ensure timely delivery and allocate resources efficiently within the designated budget. This comprehensive approach allows you to stay focused, accountable, and aligned with your organization's goals.


  • Taking charge or overseeing: We're here to assist you at every stage of execution, whether it's managing projects, providing ongoing consultancy, or mentoring internal stakeholders. We offer hands-on support and strategic guidance to ensure the success of your employer brand initiatives.


  • Employer brand mindset: We work closely with our clients to facilitate buy-in and empower managers by providing them with the necessary tools, work methods, and resources for effective employer brand management. By fostering a culture of ownership and engagement, we help instill a shared understanding and commitment to the employer brand vision.

What to expect?

  • EVP: Building upon the insights and understanding gained from our research, we analyze and crystallize these findings into a cohesive and unique Employer Value Proposition (EVP). This EVP serves as the foundation for your employer brand, encapsulating the essence of what sets you apart as an organization. With the EVP, we provide an Employer Brand signal that will accompany all marketing efforts.

  • Messaging strategy: The next step in our process focuses on crafting a robust messaging strategy that effectively communicates your employer brand to both internal and external audiences. This involves creating a messaging hierarchy and architecture that outlines key messages and their structure, ensuring a clear and coherent flow of information. We also consider the tone of voice, defining the personality and style of your employer brand's communication to establish a consistent and authentic voice across all touchpoints. No less important, we provide engaging copy that conveys your brand's values, culture, and unique selling points.

  • Visual identity & Applications: We begin with thorough visual research, examining your existing marketing materials and brand guidelines. We then translate the strategic concept into visually compelling languages, crafting a unique visual identity. Through practical examples, we showcase how the visual identity can be applied across various touchpoints, providing a clear roadmap for implementation.

Remember, ״If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail״ (Benjamin Franklin)

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