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Whether you need ongoing consulting and support or
an assistance with a specific project, I am here to help.
Reach out to me and let's talk...


Strategic Consulting
  • Map and evaluate your organisation's current Employer Brand
  • Develop an Employer Brand strategy, while crystallising your organisation's EVP (Employer Value Proposition)
  • Create a cohesive work plan based on your organisation's requirements, resources, and constraints
  • Ongoing support to the relevant stakeholders in your organisation to ensure effective and smooth implementation of the strategy and work plan
  • Develop a visual employer brand identity and implement it according to the strategy. This process is being managed by an award-winning Brand & Marketing designer.
Service components are available individually or as a package.
Feel free to reach out to me and we'll see what serves you best. 
Laser-focused Workshops
  • "Employer Brand Sprint" - Based on Google Ventures brand sprint, this workshop will help you make the abstract idea of your employer brand into a tangible and concrete outcome.
  • "EmployerBrandStory" - Navigate the real story of your candidates and/ or employees through a simple framework that will result in winning them over. 
  • "The Lean Employer Branding" - Get the knowledge and tools to lead the employer brand process and efforts in your organization with a limited budget.
  • "Effective Storytelling 101" - Learn the fundamentals of storytelling and how to implement them in your day-to-day HR/Talent Acquisition/Sourcing/ Employer Brand efforts.
  • "Employee Branding to the Max" - Learn how to find the best stories and storytellers in the company and turn them into a solid pillar in your Employer Brand strategy. 
Lectures that Drive Action   
  • Act like a RECRUITER / SOURCER, think like a MARKETER 

  • The power of Social Responsibility & Employer Brand

  • To network or not to network, that is no question...

  • 'She who dares, wins'! Or 'how to become the proactive version of yourself'

  • Everything you always wanted to know about personal branding (and were afraid to ask...)
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