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"The Friday Morning" Test

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

If you don't take yourself seriously, why should others? My "Friday Morning" test helps me quickly determine to whom I should devote my time and effort. Feel free to use it as well.

"Can I consult with you regarding our employer branding?"

“I am thinking about changing careers and am not sure what to do. Can we talk?"

"I'd love to hear your thoughts on personal branding. Is it possible?"

Almost every day in the past few years, I have received such requests, and I always reply with "sure, I'd love to help". That said, as time is the most valuable currency, I tend to invest it only in people who respect themselves enough to also respect my time. This is why I came up with the "Friday Morning" test three years ago.

It is a pretty simple test. When I say that I'd love to help, I'm usually asked what time is best for me. My answer is always the same: Friday morning at 11 AM.

Friday is not a random choice. Friday morning is usually the time when everyone is super busy preparing for the weekend in Israel.

I believe a person who is willing to chat or meet on a Friday morning (and keeps their word) indicates that they are truly committed to their professional/personal development and growth. That means they are already on the right track. When it comes to those people, I'm happy to spend so much more time with them than only that Friday morning.

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