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Be Obsessed with Your Candidate Experience

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Just as employer brand impacts candidate experience, candidate experience can have a big impact on your employer brand.

Social media and review sites have empowered modern candidates to speak their minds and share their experience with possible employers, and any past applicants who were put by your applicant experience won’t be shy about telling others.

In this way, inactive management of your candidate experience can have serious, long-term consequences.

Here are some suggestions to improve a candidate's journey. There are so many more...

  • Deliver the best possible user interface for online applications

  • Provide a clear framework for the hiring process to help candidates gain a sense of control

  • Set clear expectations from the start

  • Allow candidates to express themselves freely and listen carefully to what they say

  • Give examples that reinforce fairness and transparency at your company

  • Provide some form of closure once all the recruitment steps are completed

  • Demand accountability throughout every step of the candidate's journey

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