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Employee Branding In a Nutshell

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

A good employee branding definition is the perception created by employees and potential employees about your company as a workplace.

The goal of employee branding is to get employees (and candidates to some extent) confronting inwards and outward to show, perform, and establish ‘on brand’ practices, plus ‘on brand’ thinking.

Here are some basic ideas, which serve as a solution in achieving Employee Branding:

* Educating employees on the organization’s values, mission, vision, products, services etc. Employees cannot tell a story they don’t know, you have to teach and instill the brand and employer brand message in them.

* Aligning the expectations of employees with the products, this alignment would help in building up a feeling of alliance with the company's products.

* Celebrating success stories. This should include any brand story experienced by both the organization and employees.

* Successful correspondence. It’s a game of communication. Regular, transparent communication channel must be kept.

* Encourage your employees to give positive reviews on social media sites, Glassdoor, and Indeed. Positive reviews about your work life and employee engagement usually encourage top talents to apply and consider your brand. At the same time, you don't want every message shared or posted by your employees to feel like an attempt at corporate branding.

* Employee branding works best when your employees are motivated and are proud of your brand. Create an atmosphere where employees feel like being an integral part of the organization. A great way to do that is by launching employee engagement programs to make sure employees stay motivated and satisfied in the organization.

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